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E & T Academic Syllabus - An insider's look

July 7, 2023

E & T Academic Syllabus - An insider's look

Prof.K Jayaraman. K addressing students as part of Motivational Lecture 

""Exciting Young Minds thru Evolving Technologies""

From the Desk of Prof Jayaraman K:

With the advances in the Technological and Scientific innovation, it is imperative for everyone directly, indirectly and remotely connected to the  use of modern gadgets in their day to day life to be aware of the advancements being possible mainly due to advances in  the  inter-discipline and multi-discipline practices.

The various Disciplines in Engineering Teaching Learning Institutions, like Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Communications, Civil, is no more relevant. The Teaching learning Process is only " Engineering" and other independent discipline is only a part and not the whole.

For example,

Can we think of Cassegrain  or Parabolic Antenna (A typical Communication Systems Related) without a Good Mechanical Engineering?

Cellular phone - Electronics circuit Board is Electronics, Antenna and Enclosure is plastic material and Mechanical processes, Battery is Chemical Engineering, Dc DC converters is Electrical etc. All have to come together to provide a functional Mobile Phone system. 

All the Daily-use gadgets are Multi-disciplinary in nature. Hence the relevance of the subjects being taught based on  Academic syllabus, is slowly losing their relevance. Hence, the Academia must look at reformatting subjects to be taught under each Department curriculum. Can we look at Top down Approach in Curriculum Development? 

For example: 

Now a days,  every child is in possession of a Cell phone. They know how to use all aspects of the Phone functionality better than many Professionals!!! In Engineering curriculum, why not we teach Day to day Gadgets in the first semester (Refer How Gadgets function by Reader's Digest Book) and as the student moves semester upwards, detailed curriculum should be developed based on the salient aspects of "Parts that Make the Whole". This is the Disruptive way of thinking with reference to syllabus creation. !!!

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