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Enhancing Employability in Core Engineering Industries - Expectation and Reality

July 10, 2023

Enhancing Employability in Core Engineering Industries - Expectation and Reality

From the Desk of Prof Jayaraman K

With my background experience, exposure and expertise in Academia, Research,  Product Design, Development, I propose to give the basic requirements of a prospective Engineer in Core Engineering Industries.  This will help the students to prepare and equip themselves for facing confidently any interview, during campus selection process. I plan to focus only on Core Engineering and Technology criteria.

1) Academic project work. Understand finer aspects of the Project work. Statement of work, Requirement specification, Conceptual diagram, Design of the target Task, Flow diagram, Partitioning of the functionalities into Hardware, software and Humanware, Process of selection of the parts that make the whole, Integration, Testing and Final version user perspective. Generally, the Interviewer will concentrate on the Project work(s). How depth the students have analyzed the solutions development approach and how he had gone around completing the project. 

2) Many Technologies would have been used in realizing the final Year Project completion. The prospective Candidate must have understood all the concerned Technologies. The interviewer will always try to understand How much the prospect knows in the Technology area that the candidate states that he knows. Very rarely the interviewer will show interest in knowing what the prospect Does not know. Hence the candidate must know the technologies that is used in working on the project work, in general and specific Technology(s) that he has a good grip, that he would like to show-case. 

3) While preparing to face the interview from a typical Industry, the candidate must know the activities and products and services extended by the company. After knowing this information, the candidate should assess which technology expertise the company will expect from the candidate. Hence the prospect must focus in learning all aspects in his  project. 

4) One more aspect. The Prospect must know, What is happening now in the country, In the world and in his interest domain.

If some one goes for Interview, and he states that he has expertise in Cellular Data communication. The interviewer will be tempted to ask question regarding 5G or 6G etc. Similarly, if the prospect states that his subject of interest is DC Power Supplies. Then, there is a curiosity from the Interviewer to ask something about SMPS or DC DC Converter or PWM etc. 

I have just outlined some aspects for the benefit the prospective Professional Engineers to be successful in any Interview. 

Your comments, suggestions or any additions to the above Blog please forward your views on Prof Jayaraman K;

With best wishes. Prof Jayaraman K