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Engineering & Technology Jargon Demystified

January 2, 2024

Engineering & Technology Jargon Demystified

With the recent advances in the Industry scenario many new Jargons are being spoken and used in the corridors of Engineering and Technology Teaching and Learning Institutions.

ICETGYAN is planning to provide an easy to learn and apply and evolve, thru this Website. We have identified few commonly used Technology Jargons, based on our exposure and expertise. 

Of course, many learners, Students and faculty are using web resources like Google, ChatGPT, YouTube, Wikipedia etc.,  Though the learners get a broad view of the Jargons, the knowledge obtained has not met the need of the learners for applying technology behind the jargons, for practical solutions Development. 

To make this website useful to each and every learner, please share this information with all your friends. In addition, if you come across any such words and have difficulty in using that concept in any application, please contact us.

Our team will explore and provide clarifications, thus enabling success in their career. 

L:earn and Apply Technology and Engineer unique solutions.

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